Lost And Found


The year was 1702 In Belfast Ireland the large rolling green hills over whelmed the small farming community every where you looked were cobble stone and dirt paths, The sheep were lead out to graze, The Town was starting to take shape.

It was a bright and beautiful morning, Shannon O'Malley just waking up, to the smells of bacon cooking on the wood burning stove, she stretched out her arms surely her Ma and Pa didn't intend for her to sleep that long. But she had been taken ill and truly needed her rest.

Her long white night gown tangled her feet and she took her first steps towards the door, her long wavy red hair reached the middle of her back; she felt the coolness from the copper door knobs as she reached out to touch them. She made her way down the ladder and into the kitchen

Suddenly Mira was jolted awake pulled from her reoccurring dream "dam I never make it to that kitchen and I never get to taste that bacon" she said to herself as she rolled out of bed. This dream had been going on for years and it was always the same, just once she would like to make it to the kitchen she would love to taste the bacon, maybe which was why she was always craving it.

She came out of the shower, walked to her stereo and put on her favorite cd "and the hits just keep coming" by Mike Nesmith she always loved the Monkees but as of late she took a shining to Mike. As she joked Davy will always be her first love, she walked past his autographed picture that she had framed she, would kiss her hand and place it on the Picture.

"Good morning Davy, Good morning Micky, Good Morning Peter" she smiled as she walked past all their pictures she had hung up she was in them so they were her prized positions she looked at the only member of the Monkees she had yet to meet

"Oh Mr. Nez when will I meet you?" she asked the picture "ah well good Morning anyway Mike"

As she busied her self in the mirror she had a flash back to her dream the girl had the same red hair as she did the same length "huh that's neat" she said

Grabbing her coffee and multi grain bagel she rushed out of her 2 bedroom 5th floor apartment "good bye fishes" she called out to her 4 gold fish properly named after her Monkees

She road the elevator down, with the same gentleman she did every morning, He was tall and very well dress "a lawyer" she thought he never had a hair out of place and he always smelled so good, she watched his grey come in over the years. She's often wonder what kind of lover he would make, but she'd let the fantasy pass, after all he was at least in his early 50's. Trying to balance her coffee and brief case she leaned over to buckle her shoe strap

"Here give me your coffee" he smiled

"Thank you" she said with a sigh of relief "I just can't see to get my act together in the mornings

Her dress was low cut, and her elevator friend didn't mind helping her, he enjoyed the free peek at her lacey bras if he didn't know it better this was all an elaborate plan to seduce him…well that is what made him smile Monday to Friday by now he had memorized her face he could count each freckle and knew when she was having a good day or not by the shades of the greens in her rounded eyes he loved her small nose and wanted to desperately to kiss it when she would take in too much of the California sun, but he too let the fantasy pass, what would his wife think?

Mira wrote for the Los Angeles Times sister paper mostly doing fluff pieces on gas prices or bands but it was a living and she loved what she did, saying goodbye to "elevator man" a nick name she came up with she headed to her car, an old 1965 blue Beatle Bug she loved that car, but knew she would soon have to part with it, the rust was the only thing keeping it all together.

Her plan was to look with some friends on the weekend. As she drove her radio was waving in and out she tapped it "come on I needs some music old girl" she pleaded with her car finally the radio came back on "YOU TELL ME THAT YOU'VE NEVER BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE…" was blasting from the tiny speakers She smiled a Monkee song a Girl I knew somewhere was on "Someway, somehow this same thing was done. Someone somewhere did me this same wrong" she sang along with the music.

She arrived at a record time, it only took her 45 minutes usually it was always over an hour She pulled into her parking stall, grabbed her pack of cigarettes out of habit and waited for her co workers to catch up, Mellie, Shirley to her Laverne and Joyce, a quiet soft spoken office manager

"Still smoking Mira?" Joyce asked

"I know I know I am trying to quit it's just so hard" she pouted

"You should go to one of those hypnotists, it worked for my cousin" Mellie said

"Yeah I think I may pass" Mira joked

"So did you see "Elevator Man" this morning?" Joyce asked

"Uh huh, he looked so good I swear he thinks I am a basket case, he had to hold my coffee as I buckled up my sandals" she smiled

"Ah so that's why you're wearing "THE DRESS" Mellie smirked

"What on Earth do you mean?" Mira smiled back

She wore her very sexy black dress on Fridays it was very flattering for her statuesque figure standing 5'9 in heels she felt great in that dress besides Friday's always meant she would have a band interview and she liked to look good for the band, the trio made their way past the glass doors waved hello to Frank the security guard and road the elevator to the 21st floor

"So I was thinking we could do the whole Mexican fiesta tonight" Mira said "you both are still coming over tonight right" she asked "

Wild dogs could not keep me away" Mellie grinned

"I am there, you can count me in" Joyce said

"Good we can have some fancy margarita's and listen to the Monkees theme song in Spanish" Mira added

They laughed at the thought, all being true Monkee fans they actually HAD the Monkees Theme song in Spanish

Mira dropped off her leather jacket and made her way past the copy room to her little corner cubical "one day I will have a door" she smiled she sat down and turned on her computer, but it didn't turn on, she looked underneath the desk and saw that something was un plugged she got down on her hands and knees and crawled underneath to plug it back in

"Mira??!! What are you doing" Tony the papers editor asked looking at Mira's rear-end under the desk

Taking Mira by surprise she banged her head "Oh nothing just imagining what its like to be a cockroach…it's an insider's look" she smiled rubbing the top of her head

"I need you in the conference room, we are passing out stories" he smiled at her

"No, really Tony I am fine" she whispered to her self as she got up

Tony and Mira had a one night stand years ago, after an office Christmas Party and he felt a little rejected by her, when she told him it would never happen again, he was very attractive maybe too attractive she thought. He always reminded her of a young Nez, it could have been his dark hair and eyes but it was most defiantly his Texan accent

She would often day dream about him in his boxer shorts but she didn't believe in inter office romances so she had to let him down Not something Tony was accustomed to. And he took it personally

"Ok guys, I need some new ideas" Tony said addressing the reporting staff

"Halloween in coming…witches, ghosts, vampires" he yelled out

"Ohhh Ohhh There is a Psysic convention here this weekend" Mellie offered

"Perfect! Mira you're on that one" Tony ordered

"Thanks" she whispered "A PSYSIC CONVENTION" she thought to herself

"Oh this will be fun" she pulled Mellie over and whispered in her ear "Your coming with me you know"

"Mellie smiled "sure, those things are cool"

Mira returned back to her desk her computer now working, she pulled up files on psychics and mediums she rolled her eyes not buying into what she was reading

The most she knew about the paranormal was when she was a kid, playing with a Ouija Board at her friends 13th birthday party she asked the "sprits" if she was going to end up with a Monkee and it always pointed to "yes" they were well into their 40's at that time in her life "as if" she thought to herself she knew that her friends were controlling the glass even though they swore they weren't

She looked up information on the convention the feature physic was Madam Donna she claimed that she can read tarot cards, tea leaves look at auras and delve into past lives her number was listed so Mira picked up the phone to book an appointment she held her breath as the phone rang. There was no answer so she left a message with her cell number to call her back as soon as she could

As she hung up the phone she thought to herself "what kind of Physic has an answering machine, shouldn't' they KNOW who's calling?"...Oh I make me laugh sometimes" she said as she grinned to her self

Joyce, Mellie and Mira met for lunch they walked to a little Irish pub that wasn't that far from the office, besides they made the best chicken fingers in town and Mira had a craving for the bacon ranch dipping sauce

They were lead to the usual booth and sat down, the old photographs on the wall of nameless faces stared back at them, Mira always sat near Daniel one of the photographs she gave a nick name to, she said that he reminded her of Mike

"Well good after noon Danny my friend, how has your day been so far?" she joked with the picture there was something in Daniel's eyes that had drawn her to the photograph

"One day Mira, that picture is going to answer you back" Joyce Joked "then what?" she smiled

"Doesn't he look like he could be Mike's great great great Grandfather?" she asked

They all leaned in to take a better look "Hi Ladies, what will it be?" Jason the waiter asked

They jumped, placing their hands over their hearts not expecting him to arrive so quickly

"The usual for me" Mira said now catching her breath

"Oh you'll like the ranch sauce today, extra bacon" he smiled

"Perfect you know me and bacon" she winked

The other two ordered the same

"What is with you and bacon?" Mellie asked

"Ohhh I had that dream again" Mira started

"Did you get to the bacon yet?" Joyce asked

"Sadly NO, I bet if I could just stay asleep a little longer I could taste it" Mira smiled

The orders came Mira draped the paper napkin on her lap she smiled at Joyce and Mellie "one can never leave it to chance" knowing full well most days she leaves with the ranch sauce on her lap

Her cell phone vibrated from within her Marc Jacobs designer bag, it was a gift from Tony and she was NOT going to turn that down, as she took a sip from her diet Pepsi she answered it


"Hello this is Madam Donna, I am retuning your phone call, you want to see me?" she asked

"Oh Thank you for getting back to me, yes as soon as possible" Mira replied

"Ok in One hour" Madam Donna said

"Perfect!" Mira said as she hung up the phone "I have a date with the psychic in an hour"

Mellie and Mira walked Joyce back to the office and jumped into Mira's car as they pulled out of the parking lot the same song was playing

"That is so odd" Mira said

"What?" Mellie asked

"That was the same song that was playing when I left for work this morning" She replied

"Well maybe your CD is skipping" Mellie offered

"Mellie, my car is OLD it doesn't HAVE a CD player" Mira replied

"Oh that is odd then" Mellie said


The Two sang along, they reached the Convention center paid the $10.00 for parking and road the elevator to the 3rd floor, once they entered the room it was dimly lit and very colorful, there eyes scanned for Madam Donna's set up, and found it was an old world tent with a potpourri of colored scarves and a huge neon sign flashing "Madam Donna"

"Not one for the modest approach I see" Mira joked

They approached her tent just as one of her patrons was leaving

"Oh thank you Madam Donna" the lady said as she back out

"You may enter" said Madam Donna from within her tent

They both expected an old woman covered in jewels and bubals and a scarf wrapped around her head not what they had come face to face with a strawberry blond from New Jersey

"Come in Mira" Madam Donna said looking right at her "there sit right there" she smiled

"What do you want from me today?" she asked

"Give me everything, the works" She smiled The paper was picking up the tab, why not go all out it's not that likely she would be doing this again

"very well" she said as she shuffled her tarot cards stopping and having Mira cut the deck into two "your friend may stay if you wish" she said looking over at Mellie

"Oh yeah she's cool" Mira said

The Madam started to lay out the cards in front of Mira, they were old cards or gave the appearance as such "they must have been passed down" Mira thought knowing that no physic can purchase their own cards

"I see you are a lover, tell me child what is your birthday?" she asked

"Uh June 13th" Mira replied

"And the year?" she asked

"75" Mira said a little hesitant

"Ah you are the lover, born under the sign of Gemini right in the middle" she smiled

Knowing full well that a lot could be told about a person just by their astrological sign Mira's skepticism was still planted firmly

"I see you are a writer, one with words" She continued Mira nodded

"You seek enclosure at your work place, I see you succeeding very nicely in your current field of expertise, and ah I see you moving up shortly" she smiled "There is a man that is standing in your way, you were very wise to break all ties with him"

Mellie mouthed "Oh My God" as she tapped Mira's lap

Madam Donna looked into Mira's eyes "You are a very old soul, you have lived many lives" she looked away "you are seeking your soul mate"

Mira laughed "aren't we all?!!"

"You know him in this life, but you have not met him" She spoke "there is something that attracted you to the wrong man, his looks are what your heart knows"

Mira started thinking of who she was talking about "Elevator man?"

"Lay out your palms" she asked "Yes, this confirms it you have lived so many lives, but they all ended in tragedy, this may be your only chance in this life time to right all that is wrong…what was once lost must be found again"

"Mira you seemed plagued by something, what is it that you are not telling me?" Madam Donna asked

"Well…well I have been having this reoccurring dream, for as long as I can remember…" she continued explaining her dream to the Madam

"Ahh I see" she said shaking her head reaching down and pulling up two white candles some oil and incense" Now you must burn these candles for a half hour before you go to sleep, rub this oil on them and dab it on the top of your forehead and on both of your eye lids. Burn the incense completely, and as you fall into sleep I want you to repeat to your self out loud "I will remember my dreams" now say that over and over each night" she smiled at Mira

Mira picked up the candles and such and put them into her purse "Thank you" she said.

"But how will this help with my past lives?" she asked

"Well that has to be done from my home we will have to set up another appointment there is far too much activity going on here" she smiled "go now…I have your number but when I call you, you must come at once" Madam Donna said opening the Curtin and ushering them out

"Well that was a little bit of dramatic exit" Mira whispered to Mellie

Mellie laughed "oh well lets get out of here" looking around at all eyes on them

They waited for Joyce in the parking lot Tony came up to the car and poked his head in "you still have the piece of junk I see" he smiled as he reached in

"Yes I do…I'm going to look for a new one tomorrow" she smiled looking where Tony's hands were reaching for.

He reached in and grabbed hold of her seat belt and gave it a tug "buckle up for safety Mira" he said with a smug look just trying to get a cheap feel

"Ah Thanks Boss" she said rolling her eyes

Mellie and Mira busted into laughter as he walked away "Always trying isn't he" Mellie said

"Yes, but as long as he looks that good, he can continue" she smiled watching his ass as he walked

Joyce came down, Mira got out and let her get into the back "I'm sorry we are late" Mira said

"No that is ok…let's get going ITS FRIDAY!!!" Joyce yelled

"Oh Joyce I love when you talk like that" Mellie joked

They arrived at Mira's apartment building and walked quickly to the elevator they all wanted to get a look at "Elevator Man" He was standing with his back towards them his hands in his pockets reading the bulletin board as he turned he was greeted with three very devilish smiles looking back at him.

"It's my day" he thought to himself "she brought her friends to help in her pursue of me" his mind went to all the dirty nasty things he would like to do to them as he held the door open.

He stood in the corner put his hand in his hair "so what are you ladies up to tonight?" he asked

Joyce and Mellie just giggled as they pushed Mira over to him she nearly fell into his arms "Nothing much just Mexican and Monkees" she laughed regaining her balance.

He smiled at her extended his hand "I know we haven't been properly introduced I'm Gavin."

"Mira," she said noticing his shiny wedding band

The doors opened on the 5th floor the ladies got out, Mira turned and smiled.

"See you Monday, Gavin," as the elevator doors closed "well he can't be my soul mate he is already married," she said to her friends

"Awe too bad he has such a nice ass," Mellie said.

"Oh I know its heart shaped," Joyce added.

"You guys are so bad" Mira laughed "That is probably why we are such good friends," she said as she opened her door.

They kicked off their shoes and flopped them selves down on Mira's over sized red leather couch as Mira went to change she came back with a blender and margarita mix.

They danced around the apartment to the Monkees laughing as they told Joyce everything that Madam Donna told her.

Mira sat down grabbing a nacho "You are so bad for me…but I'm gunna eat you and all your cheesy goodness…yes I am…yes I am," she joked as she stuffed her mouth.

Mellie and Joyce said their good byes not living that far decided to call a taxi and split the fare.

Mira sat on the floor of her living room, rubbing her neck she pulled over her purse and took out the candles, oil and incense she followed the instructions dabbing the oil on her eye lids " The eyes are the windows to the soul," she laughed.

She blew out the candles and went into her bedroom, she changed into her PJ's the comfortable ones she loved to put on when she really wanted to relax, a soft pale blue with little stars, she climbed into her queen sized bed and pulled her feather duvet over her. She stared out looking at the moon, it shone so brightly and was so full she was mesmerized by its beauty "Some where out there your looking at the same moon Mike," she thought to her self.

"I will remember my dreams, I will remember my dreams, and I will remember my dreams…," She said as she fell into the deepest sleep.

She took her final step into the kitchen her Ma and Pa sat at the table and jumped up when they saw her tiny frail body standing there they rushed and gave her a hug.

"Oh daughter you are awake," Her Ma spoke.

"Yes I am mother, I could smell the bacon Oh I am hungry I am," she said taking a seat.

"Oh child you can have all the bacon you want, we just sent young Daniel to fetch the good doctor," Her Pa said.

Just as Shannon was about to take her first bite, Daniel and the doctor appeared in the kitchen, their eyes met he was dressed in brown overalls with a white long sleeved shirt and a old hat on his head he blushed and looked down at the floor.

Suddenly the image changed and their lives together flashed by, their childhood their courtship, a few days before they were to be wed, Shannon lay ill in her bed Daniel by her side taking hold of her hand, it was so cold and frail. She struggled to speak.

"Daniel you are the love of my life, God has blessed me he has," she whispered.

"Oh don't speak my angel," He replied.

"You can get better," he said.

"Daniel, it's my time the angels are coming for me…but make me a promise that you will never forget me," she smiled.

"I will walk to the ends of the Earth until we meet again my love, I will never rest until I am with you again I swear my lips to Gods ears," he said leaning over and kissing her for the last time, she took her final breath.

Mira sat up in her bed, struggling to breath the images still fresh in her mind she quickly wrote them down, she placed her finger over her lips, "That Kiss, felt so real," she said out loud.

She got up and ran the shower she waited for the water to turn hot enough when the image of Daniel returned to her mind "THE PICTURE" she said out loud it was the same boy from the pub, "That makes sense," she laughed at herself trying to brush off the feeling she knew him.

She dressed in blue jeans and a pink tank top, wrapped a scarf around her head, grabbed the garbage and headed towards the elevator; Gavin was inside wearing his jogging attire.

"I can't seem to go a day with out seeing you," he smiled.

She smiled back at him, "Well you foiled my plans of stalking you, it's hard when you're always near by."

"Oh I am so sorry, next time I will make it harder on you," he smiled back.

"You know…," he stated.

The elevator opened for another person, Mrs. Gundy she had to be 100 years old Mira thought or well she smelled like it. Her grey hair in a tight bun on top of her head and layers of sweaters she smiled as they all got off, Mira walked to the garbage can, and noticed Gavin was running in spot.

"Sorry you were saying?" she smiled.

"Oh I was just going to say, that my wife is away on a business trip this weekend and…," he said.

She looked at him, closed her eyes shook her head and walked towards her car; she got in pulled away "what a creep!" she said to herself.

On the radio a familiar song was playing, "I've known for a long time the kind of girl you are. Of a smile that covers teardrops, the way your head yields to your heart. Of things you've kept inside that most girls couldn't bear, Well, I've known you for a long time, but I've just begun to care...," It was Propinquity sung By Mike.

Mira smiled, "Well you got to love this station all my favorite Monkee music all the time," she said as she drove to the car dealership.

There was something about Mike that always seemed so familiar to her; sometimes she felt that he was just singing to her. As she drove she imagined what it would be like to know Mike, she smiled.

"I bet he is a grump, but I could make him smile" she thought to herself.

She reached Gerry's the car Dealership it wasn't the best place to buy a car but he was rumored to have a soft spot for pretty ladies so she figured she's a least take a look, she parked her car and started to look up and down the rows of cars when suddenly she remembered the kiss from her dream, she felt a little dizzy and leaned on one of the used cars a 1986 Mercedes 560SL it was painted black. Gerry himself came out to greet Mira and smiled at her.

"Ah it seems you like that car" he said.

Not taking notice of what she was leaning on "Well I…," she started.

"It used to be owned by a celebrity you know…Mike Nesmith," he smiled. "But you probably don't know who that is" he smiled at her.

"I'll take it," she said without hesitation.

"Don't you want to take it for a ride? I mean it's in perfect working condition…I can give you a good deal," he said giving her a wink.

Mira grabbed her belongings out from old blue and placed them in the back of her new car, and went in to sign the papers for the trade in and the bill of sale "It was meant to be like this," she thought to herself.

She got in, the tan leather interior felt like butter, she put her hands on the steering wheel "Oh Mike's hands were on this," she smiled Gerry had given her the original bill of sale with Mike's signature she wanted to rub it against her cheek.

As she drove home, she wasn't feeling well she was touching the stereo knobs they were all pre set to Mike's favorite stations she smiled, "Well at least we like the same music…his."

She went home, the day really went fast, she decided on an easy dinner and early to bed, even though she didn't want to admit it she wanted to back to sleep, back to that kiss.

She lit the candles and did the whole thing over again; she lied back on her plush tan carpet looking at her pictures up side down, that hung on her living room wall, she got up and took a better look at Mike's she traced the out line of his face, looking longingly at his eyes, she felt that she knew them, knew the stare.

She got her self ready for bed, putting her hair up in a clip scrubbing her face, washing the green goo from it; she reached for her tooth brush and suddenly stopped it was like she was having a deja view, she gave her head a shake and went into her bedroom, she smothered her self in her vanilla St.Yves body lotion and dabbed the oil on her forehead and eyelids repeating again "I will remember my dreams, I will remember my dreams, and I will remember my dreams…."

The year was 1864 in South Carolina, the heat from the sun, caused everyone to move slowly, May sat on her porch in her white rocking chair the drums could be heard in the distance, some of the Confederate solders were returning from the Battle at Cold Harbor Lieut. General Grant's forces suffered a high number of casualties during a raid on the Rebel fort.

As they marched one by one past her home, she looked desperately for her husband to return she saw many of the familiar faces from her town, when James her old friend approached her, he had a somber look on his face; he removed his cap from his head and placed it under his arm. He slowly made his way to May.

She jumped from the rocking chair and took hold of James.

"You tell me James that he's coming home…you tell me that," she yelled.

"I can't tell you that May John is dead, he was wounded pretty badly," he replied.

Handing her John's cap and uniform.

"He spoke about you all the time May, he wanted me to tell you that he "loved you dearly you were his angel, he said that he would walk to the ends of the Earth until you meet again, he said that he would never rest until he was with you again." James lowered his head.

"John Riley was my best friend May, if I could have taken his place I would have, surly you know that,' He handed her a picture of the two of them taken before they entered into battle she looked into his eyes she crumbled to the dirt road.

The scene changed and all their past lives flashed before her they were lovers in Egypt, China, and The Roman Empire and in the 1920's.

January 21, 1924 – Vladimir Lenin dies and is succeeded by Josef Stalin as the leader of The Soviet Union.

Pavel had no choice but to leave Sonya as she slept, she would not be able to stop him, it was hard to say no to The KGB once your orders were given you must go at once, and not a moment later, he kissed her cheek and looked back only once more, her skin looked like porcelain against the reds of her long hair his young bride was expecting their first child.

He marched with the other soldiers he was undercover, and could not risk the chance of getting caught, the cold winter air bit at any exposed skin. He tried to fit in but was caught and tortured, only to be freed days later once he returned to his home he found Sonya dead their child ripped from her womb, he held her in his arms and swore he would seek out revenge "You are my angel…"

The phone rang suddenly Mira sprung up from her sleep, all the images bounced around in her head.

"Hello?" she answered the phone.

"Hello Mira, this is Madam Donna, you must come to me at once," she said.

"But it's the middle of the night," she said still half asleep.

"You must," she replied.

"Alright I am on my way," Mira said.

She put on some clothing she wasn't sure even if it matched; she didn't bother with the make up or her contacts she just grabbed her glasses, keys and ran out the door she got into her new car, smiled again to her self and turned the radio on "YOU TELL ME THAT YOU'VE NEVER BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE…" came blasting on again from the speakers that surely woke her up as she turned down the volume and rolled down her window.

She turned down this old gravel road, to this large house, she couldn't see the color of it, the numbers were luminated 225 she was at the right house, she got out of her car, the smell of wet grass and lilies filled the air, the dark night sky lit up with the stars, she could hear the music of the crickets.

She took a deep breath before she knocked on the door she felt that dizzying feeling again Madam Donna answered the door and quickly escorted Mira into the house; she didn't have the chance to remove her shoes .

"There is someone I want you to meet, but somehow I think you already know one another," she said.

He turned around and faced her, Mira could not catch her breath she stood there speechless looking into the eyes of Mike Nesmith, he wore a tan leather jacket a blue collared shirt and a pair of old blue jeans he walked towards her and took hold of her hand suddenly a strange calmness filled the air, no words were spoken they just knew, silence all around them he pulled her into an embrace.

"What was lost will soon be found" Madam Donna said as she left t the room.

A few months had passed Mira was promoted as the editor of the news paper, Tony was transferred to another division, things were looking up for her in all aspects of her life.

The alarm went off and Mira stretched her body, shutting it off she lay for just a moment she walked over to her stereo putting on her favorite cd, she walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

"Good Morning Mike," she said kissing him.

"Good Morning my love, breakfast is ready," He replied back.

"Yummy Bacon," she said inhaling it in. "You know how I love bacon."

"And here I thought you loved me," he smiled. "

Oh I do, more then you will ever know," she smiled biting a piece of bacon.



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